HTML5 Video.js plays video too fast

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I'm using video.js to embed videos with HTML5 and the video simply plays too fast. I press the play button and I can tell it's at least 1.5x the proper speed.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Sorry! No code. Here you go. By the way, it's copied from itself.

<video class="video-js vjs-default-skin" controls
    preload="auto" data-setup="{}">
    <source src="" type='video/mp4'>

No webm video for now, I'll work on converting the mp4 to that later.

Also, I'm using this in WP; the admin posts videos that we uploads. No video width, height, poster, or id defined.



answered 6 years ago Mikko Ohtamaa #1

Most likely your video is not properly encoded to be compatible with web browsers.

  • How did you get the video file in the first place

  • Where does it work

  • How did you preprocess it for web

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