How to implement Openid connect and Spring Security

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I am beginner of authentication and authorization but I have to connect to a openid connect provider on my job. I know a little about how to use Spring Security.

First, I got UserInfo object thanks by following nice direction.

And then I found a great implementation named "spring-security-oauth" below. I could run the app on tomcat and connect to facebook successfully.

As next step, I want to connect google by using "spring-security-oauth" but I do not know how to do that completely. (To be honest, I do not know how differences openid connect and aouth2..)

give me a clue. Any help will be appreciated.



answered 6 years ago Chawathe Vipul #1

The OpenID Connect basic essentials specification is for the time being at For Spring specific details to implement individual steps, frame new questions further detailing the exact task w. r. t. this procedure.

answered 4 years ago Romain F. #2

here is a sample minimal project integrating Google Open Id Connect with Spring Security: The key point for me was to rely heavily on Spring OAuth2 to minimize the configuration required.

answered 4 years ago Chuck Mah #3

You could use the spring-social-google projet to implement a "Sign in with Google" functionality. It's use OAuth 2.0 under the hood but right now it's use to Google+ API to retrieve profile informations. I did a fork to make it use the Google Authentification and Authorization API which is basicaly the openconnect Id standard

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