Drupal Wysiwig TinyMCE disappearing act

KateYoak Source

On Drupal 7, Having installed the Wysiwig module into /opt/drupal/modules/ and TinyMCE into sites/all/libraries/ I have them more-or-less working.

The problem is as follows:

  • Edit content => See the editor; everything is great
  • Switch text format Full HTML => Filtered HTML and vice versa => No editor at all
  • Disable rich text => see the editor (no bar) as it should be
  • Enable rich text => see the TinyMCE editor with the correct bar as it should be.

In other words, there is a glitch when switching text formats, requiring toggling rich text editing off and back on. There are no javascript errors or anything else that indicates, drupal knows something went wrong.



answered 5 years ago Bhavin Joshi #1

Did you check wysiwyg configuration page if the TinyMCE is installed properly? Are you using a custom theme? Check if you have some css rules which causes hiding some elements provided by TinyMCE.

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