Fixing the order of facets in ggplot

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type    size    amount  
T   50%     48.4    
F   50%     48.1    
P   50%     46.8    
T   100%    25.9    
F   100%    26.0    
P   100%    24.9    
T   150%    21.1    
F   150%    21.4    
P   150%    20.1    
T   200%    20.8    
F   200%    21.5    
P   200%    16.5

I need to plot a bargraph of the above data using ggplot (x-axis -> "type", y-axis -> "amount", group by "size"). When I used the following code, I am not getting the variable "type" and as well as "size" in the order shown in the data. Please see the figure. I have used the following code for that.

 ggplot(temp, aes(type, amount , fill=type, group=type, shape=type, facets=size)) + geom_bar(width=0.5, position = position_dodge(width=0.6)) + facet_grid(.~size) + theme_bw() + scale_fill_manual(values = c("darkblue","steelblue1","steelblue4"), labels = c("T", "F", "P"))

enter image description here .

For fixing the order issue, I have used a factor method for the variable "type" using the following. Please see the figure also.

temp$new = factor(temp$type, levels=c("T","F","P"), labels=c("T","F","P")) 

enter image description here

However, now I don't know how to fix the order for the variable "size". It should be 50%, 100%. 150%, and 200%.



answered 6 years ago Harpal #1

Make your size a factor in your dataframe by:

temp$size_f = factor(temp$size, levels=c('50%','100%','150%','200%'))

Then change the facet_grid(.~size) to facet_grid(.~size_f)

Then plot: enter image description here

The graphs are now in the correct order.

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