SharePoint 2010 Context menu stop working until page is refreshed

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Problem: Using SharePoint 2010 in IE 8; the default context menu like document library items menue works only once on each page then stop responding unless the page is refreshed.

The status bar error shows - "Javascript:;" and nothing else.

Java scripting is enables in IE, the sharepoint portal is in trusted sites.

What could that be? Any hints?

Thanks, Val



answered 6 years ago Manfred Jettmar #1

Have you tried changing the zoom size? I have had a similar problem with list items and was able to recreate it when the zoom setting was set to 125 %. The problem went away when I set the zoom setting to 100 %. This is odd and unexpected but it worked...

Another approach/test would be to see if this problem occurs with IE 9.

answered 3 years ago Guillaume Martin #2

I had the exactly same problem, and after some hours of search, I finally found that it comes from the ToolbarType parameter of my XsltListViewWebpart. Set on Standard, I have the problem, but if I set FreeForm, it works !

I think it is a bug of SharePoint 2010.

Hope this will help.

Some articles that helped :

Here is an article

Another one

A last one

The solution in my case (Just setting the ToolbarType was not enough, I had to Apply the changes on the webpart)

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