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I want to use Eclipse to do my Perl programming. For this purpose I have installed the EPIC-Plugin.

But how do I get the EPIC plugin to automatically insert the templates? Or the shebang? This is possible with Java-Class files out-of-the-box. Why not with EPIC? The templates that I talk about are the one under: Window -> Preferences Perl EPIC -> Editor -> Templates

They don't seem to work at all. For Java the work just fine (almost same location - just replace "Perl Epic" with "Java")

EPIC Repo:



answered 5 years ago Helen Craigman #1

I have been using Eclipse - EPIC - Perl for a couple of years now. (On Windows XP SP3 and on Windows 7). I find it an excellent tool (much better than PADRE) which I had initially tried out. Its management of variable monitoring is superb.

Once in while I encounter a little bug, but usually those are quite workable. I'm simply not using the templates (on Windows you don't need the shebang anyway).

answered 5 years ago Bethuel Rein Vendiola #2

You should type the name of the template in the editor first - then hit ctrl+space, it should show you a list of all templates starting with that name.

So if you need a template to auto insert a shebang for example, have a template with these fields:

  • Name: #!
  • Context: Perl
  • Description: Any fancy Description
  • Pattern: ${cursor}#!/usr/bin/env perl

After you enabled and applied, you should be able to auto insert the shebang when you type #! then ctrl+space.

Also, you can import templates externally, there are tons online with all the basics covered. :)

Hope this helps.

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