Drools and non-Java applications

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Can Drools be used with non-Java applications? Most examples that I've seen are in conjunction with Drools interfacing with Java applications.

EDIT: Looks like http://docs.jboss.org/drools/release/5.5.0.Final/droolsjbpm-integration-docs/html_single/ describes the Drools API on techniques on getting information in and out of Drools.



answered 5 years ago kevinpeterson #1

Well, it doesn't have to be Java, but it does have to be a JVM language (I've used Groovy in the past with Drools). Even then, there's nothing to prevent you from calling a REST service, for example, when a rule fires, and interacting with another system that way.

That said, there are other rules engines in other languages. I believe there is a .NET Drools port, and a Javascript implementation.

answered 5 years ago salaboy #2

I would suggest to expose the functionality that you need from Drools via REST or SOAP and interact with it from your application using that. I wouldn't spend time checking the Drools .NET port is old and out of dated. A JS implementation is a good idea.. but just for specific cases.. you don't want your whole business rules running on the client side.. (for a web app of course).


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