Accessing local Azure blob storage via a simple REST 'GET'

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I am working with Windows Azure and am just using the Blob Storage. I have setup my Blob Storage to run in its own Solution file with a dummy web role. I run it first on my development machine so the Azure Services start. I have configured the service to use the development shared key and account name.

I am running into an issue when I point my web application (in another solution) to the local Blob Storage service. I can upload a file to the Blob Storage and I can see the records in my local database. Therefore, I have entered the correct settings in the web.config. However, I cannot access the file via a simple Get request. I have verified that the container is public.

The URI I am using is:{container-name}/{filename}.{extension}

My code works when I use my production Azure Services, so is there something different about the Development Environment that I am missing? Does the local environment allow REST access?

UPDATE: I recently found this MSDN Article that describes the differences between production and development Storage URIs. I also documented my environment here on my blog.



answered 9 years ago Stratton #1

What kind of response or error code are you getting? If you are using IE- you can install Fiddler or use the built in developer tools in IE8 to help debug a communication problem. Sure- the development fabric works in REST!

answered 9 years ago Nigel Sampson #2

The uri looks to be slightly incorrect, the format for the development storage uri is:


Given that the account name is always devstoreaccount1 your uri should be:{container-name}/{filename}.{extension}

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