Is it possible to edit a treetable in Primefaces?

Sushanth Sivadas Source

The following treeTable is needed to be edited so as to enable data insertion from the JSF to Backing Bean classes.

<p:treeTable id="labBillTree" value="#{labBillMB.root}" var="document" scrollable="true">       
    <p:column headerText="Item Code" width="140" sortBy="#{document.code}"
         filterBy="#{document.code}" filterMatchMode="contains">
          <h:outputText value="#{document.code}" />

The above code will anyhow display the list of ItemCode in normal hierarchical tree format. How can we come across this problem?



answered 5 years ago alpha2011 #1

If you want to edit the code, simply replace

<h:outputText value="#{document.code}" />


<p:inputText value="#{document.code}" />

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