Error when I launch SPARQL query endpoint on the browser

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I have a question:

I have two RDF files that I load on Jena TDB using this Java Code:

public void store() {
        String directory = "C:\\tdb";
        Dataset dataset = openTDB(directory);

        String source = "C:\\file1.rdf";
        String source1 = "C:\\file2.rdf";
        Model tdb = loadModel(source, dataset);
        dataset.addNamedModel("C://File1", tdb);

        Model tdb1 = loadModel(source1, dataset);
        dataset.addNamedModel("C://File2", tdb1);

public Dataset openTDB(String directory) {
        // open TDB dataset
        Dataset dataset = TDBFactory.createDataset(directory);

        return dataset;

public Model loadModel(String source, Dataset dataset) {

        Model model = ModelFactory.createDefaultModel();
        FileManager.get().readModel(model, source, "RDF/XML");

        return model;

As was suggested in this post, I launch this command on CMD:

fuseki-server --update --loc C:\tdb /ds

On the localhost:3030 I see different page. In particular, I see "Control Panel" page where I can choose the dataset and I can execute a query.

Now, I'm reading this documentation and I see that if I want to launch the SPARQL query endpoint I can write http://host/dataset/query path in the browser. But, If I launch this path (


), I get this error:

Error 404: Service Description: /ds/query

Fuseki - version 1.0.2 (Build date: 2014-06-02T10:57:10+0100)

Why? I'm doing this research to find a Java method to launch Fuseki server in Java Code. Is it possible?



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