VLOOKUP / COUNTIF formula to assign 0 to certain value

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From the following formula I am trying to find a way to refer 'E48' value to a specific value in another table. For example, the value here is '0' so it tries to allocate a reference in 0, but I would like to have it refer to the first value mentioned in the table below the row (1 $2,186).


AZ        BA  
1   $2,186
1.5 $2,315
2   $2,446
3   $3,514


answered 4 years ago teylyn #1

As I understand your question you want to return the first value from the table if the lookup value in the Vlookup formula is 0 (which will return an error).



Now the lookup value is either the value in cell E48 or the number 1, whatever is bigger. If E48 is 0, 1 will be looked up. If E48 is 1 or bigger, that value will be used in the Vlookup.

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