Android facebook audience network show native ad

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Is it true?To show native ad from facebook audience network,we must install facebook app on our mobile phone of Android?When i test in my developing app,there is no ad to show whithout facebook app!



answered 3 years ago AndroidMechanic - Viral Patel #1

No – the Audience Network is a separate library in the Facebook SDK which does not require Facebook Login. Aside from the integration steps indicated in the getting started guide, no other libraries or setup is required.

Note: other libraries or setup is required. in the above quoted from documentation.

Refer This Page

answered 3 years ago Jason Chen #2

Facebook Audience Network displays live ads base on smart targeting. It tries to match user's device advertiser id to Facebook profile to deliver best suited ads to users.

Therefore To see Audience Network ads on your device, you must have the Facebook app installed and have logged in within the last 30 days. Also check to make sure you haven't opted out of ads on your device.

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