Drupal 7 Search API, Elasticsearch Connector, Aggregation/Facets

Dhanendran Source

I am using Search API and Elasticsearch Connector in my Drupal 7 site. I have hosted the elasticsearch in AWS. Searching works perfectly without any issues. But I would like to add the facetapi filters like in the Drupal.org search result page.

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It seems like facetapi is removed from elasticsearch and added the support for aggregation. https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/2.1/breaking_20_removed_features.html#_facets_have_been_removed


But even the aggregation is not fully supported.



Any suggestion or idea how can I achieve this? Is there any other way or am I missing something here?



answered 3 years ago bennos #1

yeah. use https://www.drupal.org/project/elasticsearch_connector

and use the elasticsearch version 1.x. Elasticsearch 2.x is in Dev.

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