How to add collaborators to a Firebase app?

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On the latest version of Firebase (Announced during Google I/O 2016), how do I add other people to my project or app whom I want to collaborate with? I came across IAM roles through Settings > Permissions. Is this the right way? If I add person there and assign a role, say Editor, will he/she be notified about it through email? Will a request be sent or will they be added directly to that role?



answered 2 years ago Frank van Puffelen #1

To give people access to your Firebase project, take these steps:

  1. Select your project in the new Firebase Console
  2. In the top left, next to the project name, click the settings/cog wheel icon From the firebase console
  3. Click Users and Permissions
  4. In the Google Cloud Developer Console click ADD
  5. Enter the name/email of the user to add and select the appropriate role (Project -> Owner/Editor/Viewer, etc as per your requirement)
  6. Click Add

The newly added users will get an email with the subject [Firebase] Invitation to join project and an option to Accept Invite in the body. Be certain to let them know that you added them so that they can accept the invite.

answered 2 years ago Sriram #2

If you're adding a Project owner, an invite will be sent to the new user. However, no email invites are sent for the Project Editor/Viewer roles.

answered 11 months ago Mike S. #3

UPDATE 6/18/2018 - changes to Cloud Console and Google's functionality, the original solution may no longer work as shared in comments. For a recent project, I was able to add other users and permissions via Firebase console as indicated below.

Manage users in Firebase Console

Old Solution

Originally you had to choose Editor but you do not have to any more. There are new roles added to Google Cloud IAM in the other section, namely the Firebase Rules System role.

Firebase Rules Admin Role

Assign Role To User

If you add a user to a Google Cloud project using IAM and assign them this role, they can access Firebase project by visiting:

The authorized project(s) should appear and they can access, without access to the rest of the Google Cloud project.

answered 7 months ago Franklin Antony #4

In latest version of the console adding is in a bit different.

  1. Go To Your Project -> Project Overview -> Users and Permissions . This will open up new Pop Up.

  2. Now click on the +Add to add the Members.

  3. Now Add Email Id of the member. Now below that choose from the dropdown Project -> Collaborator as shown below and Save. Thats all! You are done.

enter image description here

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