Need help on Jmeter Java API dynamically create .jmx file with certain actions as explained

Nag Venkat Source

The Version i want to create is explained below:

Without using GUI ( Java API )

  • Create a HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder ( Workbench > Non-Test Elements > HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder ) and start it Dynamically.
  • Perform set of actions in Browser(I will hit this browser with a webdriver code to generate actions accordingly) with proxy settings in Browser, which i need to get Test Plan > Thread Group > Recording Controller > Actions dynamically.
  • Once actions in Broswer is completed(i.e., execution of my Webdriver code is completed) need to stop HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder dynamically.
  • And create the above Test Plan > Thread Group > Recording Controller > Actions as a .jmx file dynamically

Please help me with certain examples whether this way is possible or not using JMETER JAVA API.



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