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I've a project using Firebase, and I need to add an owner to the project. This is how I added him:

  1. Opened the project in the Firebase console.
  2. Clicked on the settings wheel next to the project name, and selected permissions.
  3. Firebase launches a new page "IAM & Admin".
  4. Pressed on Add, which shows a popup.
  5. Entered the user gmail address, which auto completes so it could never be a wrong email.
  6. Selected the role as OWNER.
  7. Pressed on ADD button.

Now it shows me the user in the permissions list, with the message:

Invitation sent. Pending acceptance.

I've seen this answer, which says :

The newly added users may sometimes not be getting an email invite. So be certain to let them know that you added them.

I've let the user share his screen with me on Skype, and this is what happens: The user do get an email invitation, when he presses on accept invitation, the firebase console page is opened with the project name in the url !

But it doesn't show the project which I've shared. it just loads the Firbease console showing different projects that he owns from before !

And I still see this message:

Invitation sent. Pending acceptance.



answered 2 years ago Frank van Puffelen #1

firebaser here

This is a known issue in the workflow for adding Owners that was introduced recently. It should be fixed soon, but in the meantime you can work around it by first adding the user as an Editor (no invite/accept workflow required), and THEN adding the user as an Owner (accept invitation workflow should be properly displayed).

answered 2 years ago Ayesh Qumhieh #2

As @Frank has mentioned this is probably a bug that should be fixed in the firebase console.

I've managed to do a workaround by not using Firebase permissions, but by using Google Cloud service instead.

In Google Cloud Services console I do have access to the same projects in Firebase console, so I opened the project, from the menu selected IAM & ADMIN which looks exactly the same as the IAM & ADMIN in firebase console, I've added the collaborator as an owner exactly as I've mentioned in the details above, and what do you know ! an email invitation was sent, the user accepted the request successfully.

And when he opened his Firebase console again, the project is now available in his projects list.

answered 1 year ago ssorgs #3

Tried the GCP approach with same result - nothing! BUT, after an hour the profect appeared in my member's Firebase and GCP dashboards.

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