Can I use CodeStar's deployment infrastructure with an existing CodeCommit repo?

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CodeStar seems to consist of two parts

  1. a way to easily generate several related resources and a CodeCommit repo for managing a project and
  2. a mechanism for automatically deploying CodeCommit code to run on specific AWS services.

Is there a way to do just (2) with an existing CodeCommit repo? That is can I "hook up" such a repo with some services so that when I push to the repo, the update is pushed to the services?

For example, for an existing Lambda project I currently have a repo that I understand how to easily add to CodeCommit; but for now I update the running Lambda service manually with something like aws lambda update-function-code ... (along with the necessary packaging steps). Or I have some Flask EB websites that I currently update with something like eb deploy .... Both from my local CLI. Is there a way to wire things up so that git push <CodeCommit repo> ... performs these deployments, as it does with a CodeStar project built from scratch?



answered 1 year ago Paige Phillips #1

You can use CodeCommit as a source provider in CodePipelines; if you deploy via CodePipelines, this should do what you need. See

Let us know if this doesn't solve your problem.

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