How to share access to Firebase Analytics data without exposing the rest of Firebase?

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I know how to add collaborators to a Firebase project, and that I can assign specific roles to each collaborator, which are tied to certain permissions. However, no role seems to fit my requirements.

I want to share access to Firebase Analytics with non-technical, marketing people. I have to avoid exposing the rest of Firebase to them, especially the Database and Storage buckets.

Since I could not find anything about this in the Firebase Analytics documentation, I'm assuming that this is not (yet) possible using Firebase alone. I also found a comment by a Firebase engineer here, which indicates that Firebase does not support this for the time being:

We're aware that role-based access to specific Firebase features would be useful to a lot of our developers. But as usual, we don't commend on whether or when this will be implemented. – Frank van Puffelen Jun 2 at 9:36

Is there any way to share the data from Firebase Analytics? Perhaps on another platform, where the collaborators cannot see anything about the other features of Firebase?

I have the feeling that I'm missing something. Shouldn't it be possible to simply link Firebase Analytics with Google Analytics, in such a way that marketing people, who are used to Google Analytics already, have a familiar experience (similar to website analytics) doing their app analytics tasks?



answered 1 year ago janik174 #1

you can connect Google Analytics and Firebase. To get more detailed how to do it, you can visit this website:

It's at least a solution to seperate marketing and development.

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