Drools 7.4.1 kieservices.factory.get() returns null

Kostas Karkaletsis Source

I try to integrate Drools 7.4.1 into a webapp in tomcat.

When I call in the code the following statement to get a KieService I get null.

KieServices ks = KieServices.Factory.get();

When the same method is being called from a test method it is ok.

Can anyone help on this?



answered 8 months ago freedev #1

You have to add drools-compiler in your dependencies.


answered 4 months ago nicole.torres #2

We had the same issue when trying to use Drools in our webserver with embedded Grizzly http server.

We also needed to add the drools-compiler dependency, but that alone does not fix it.

Because there are multiple kie.conf files on the class path from the different dependencies, the uber-jar ends up having just one, and then definitions for classes to load are missing.

Besides these entries from the drools-core kie.conf:

org.kie.api.io.KieResources = org.drools.core.io.impl.ResourceFactoryServiceImpl
org.kie.api.marshalling.KieMarshallers = org.drools.core.marshalling.impl.MarshallerProviderImpl
org.kie.api.concurrent.KieExecutors = org.drools.core.concurrent.ExecutorProviderImpl

we added these lines from drools-compiler to our uber-jar kie.conf:

org.kie.api.KieServices = org.drools.compiler.kie.builder.impl.KieServicesImpl
org.kie.internal.builder.KnowledgeBuilderFactoryService = org.drools.compiler.builder.impl.KnowledgeBuilderFactoryServiceImpl

Otherwise the KieServices were not loaded and KieServices.Factory.get() returned null.

We are modifying the built jar afterwards using

jar uf myjar.jar META-INF/kie.conf

to modify the contained kie.conf file. We couldn't find a clean integrated solution with Maven. Any suggestions welcome...

answered 4 months ago Carlos Costa #3

Thanks for the tip nicole.torres.

For this problem we can use the appendingtransformer avalaible in the maven-shade-plugin resource transformers:


Using this we can append all META-INF/kie.conf files. Anyone facing a null pointer when creating a KieBase or KieContainer in an ubber jar, visit this thread. I spent three days to find the solution and tried to create an ubber jar for almost every damn drools example available online :(

answered 1 month ago Ayaz Pasha #4

As suggested by @Carlos Costa, below changes in pom.xml solved the issue.

Summarizing all suggestions, below is the detailed solution. In pom.xml, add the following.



              <transformer implementation="org.apache.maven.plugins.shade.resource.AppendingTransformer">

answered 1 month ago S.Dayneko #5

You have to add this two dependencies and {version} of both dependencies must be the same



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