jenkins declarative pipeline not working for xl-deploy using maven command

chetan agrawal Source

i wanna create jenkins declarative pipeline for deploying on xl-deploy using maven command. i am not using xl-deploy plugin i am just using maven command for this.

   pipeline {
    agent {
        label 'java8'

    tools {
        maven 'M3'

    options {
        timeout(time: 1, unit: 'HOURS')
        buildDiscarder(logRotator(numToKeepStr: "${env.BRANCH_NAME}"=='master'?'10':''))

    environment {
        ARTIFACTORY = credentials('artifactory-credentials')
        CF = credentials('cf-credentials')
        SONAR = credentials('Sonar_Credentials')

    stages {
        stage ('Checkout') {
            steps {
                checkout scm

                sh "git rev-parse HEAD > .git/commit-id"

                script {
                    commit_id = readFile('.git/commit-id').trim()
                    pom = readMavenPom file: 'pom.xml'
                    currentBuild.displayName = commit_id.take(7) + "-" + pom.version

        stage ('Build') {
            steps {
                sh "mvn -U -s settings.xml -gs settings.xml clean install -DskipTests=true"

        stage('Publish Artifacts') {
            when {
                branch 'master'

            steps {
                sh "echo 'Publish JAR to Artifactory !'"

                sh "mvn -s settings.xml -gs settings.xml versions:set -DnewVersion=$commit_id"
                sh "mvn -s settings.xml -gs settings.xml deploy -DskipTests=true"

       stage('Deploy') {  

            steps {
                sh "wget --user ${ARTIFACTORY_USR} --password ${ARTIFACTORY_PSW} -O ${pom.artifactId}.war -nv <repo url>/${pom.artifactId}/${commit_id}/${pom.artifactId}-${commit_id}.war --server-response --"

                sh "mvn org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-dependency-plugin:2.8:copy -Dartifact=<app package>-$commit_id:war -DoutputDirectory=target -Dmdep.useBaseVersion=true"


    post {
        always {


i am getting following exception:

Failed to execute goal com.xebialabs.xldeploy:xldeploy-maven-plugin:5.0.2:generate-deployment-package.

till publish, it is working fine. but it is giving exception while executing deploy stage



answered 9 months ago Joris De Winne #1

I would suggest upgrading to version 6.0.1 of the plugin as that version fixes some connectivity issues. The problem might also be related to an incorrect pom.xml file, however for that to exclude as the root cause, you should at least share your pom.xml, your XL Deploy version and the loaded plugins in XL Deploy.

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