Run Jmeter GUI from java without local installation

Max Gilbert Source

I'm building an application to create a JMeter Testplan based on a swagger JSON file, using JMeter api. I am able to run this testplan in non-GUI mode programmatically ( as in this question: Run JMeter test case by a Java Stand-Alone Application, without having JMeter installed locally. )

However, I'd like to start the JMeter Gui from my Java Code, to set user defined variables (query parameters, credentials and so on) manually.

(edit: I am aware that I can set parameters without using the GUI. However, the goal is to easily edit parameters, activate/deactivate requests in the testplan and start them, using the GUI, in order to test an API using different parameters)

Is this possible without a local installation of Jmeter, if all the necessary jars are on the classpath?

My first approach was to use the classes that are used in regular Jmeter Installation, especially the NewDriver class. Unfortunately the class is final, so I cant extend it in such a fashion that the needed config and jars are loaded from the classpath.

So basically the question is: Any chance to run Jmeter GUI from Java code without local installation of JMeter?



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