AWS-CodeDeploy internal error for lambda function deployment using AWS-Codepipeline

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I am in the middle of setting code pipeline using code deploy in AWS for deploying lambda a function. I have created an application in codedeploy and using this application I have created a deployment in codedeploy for my lambda function and it was in successful status. And using this codedeploy application, I have created an aws pipeline with Source stage containing the path of my code jar file in S3 bucket. And I have Deploy stage in the pipeline using codedeploy for which the input artifact is the output artifact from Source stage. Pipeline succeed with the Source stage but whenever it reached the Deploy stage, it failed and the pipeline showed Internal Error only - no more information. I am having hard time to find the actual reason of the failure. Could someone please help?



answered 8 months ago Infinite #1

Actual reason what I got from aws forum : "Currently CodePipeline does not support this feature. The CodePipeline team have an open feature request to add support for CodeDeploy Lambda deployments, however we are not able to share any ETA on this."

Link for an answer from AWS codepipeline forum

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