Wikidata content negotiation

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I was wondering why Wikidata content negotiation results with more than one entities in the file. For instance P2044 in the browser

gives me triples also about Q6452016 entity:

I would expect either triples about P2044 or document metadata.

Thanks in advance.



answered 7 months ago Stanislav Kralin #1

There are many options of what to produce in an RDF output (as well as there is no standard on what to return in a DESCRIBE query result).

In Wikidata, you can use one of these options documented here. See also RDF Dump Format about the Wikidata data model.

Perhaps is what you need. By default, flavor is full.

As for wd:Q6452016, it is a "subject item" (wdt:P1629) for wd:P2044, i. e. a very closely related entity. People even propose to use labels of subject items as fallbacks for missing labels of properties.

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