AWS CodePipeline error: Cross-account pass role is not allowed

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I am trying to create an AWS CodePipeline that deploys the production code to a separate account. The code consists of a lambda function which is setup using a sam template and cloudformation. I have it currently deploying to the same account without error. I added another stage that has a manual approval action and after approval it should deploy to the other account. It fails with the following error:

Cross-account pass role is not allowed (Service: AmazonCloudFormation; Status Code: 403; Error Code: AccessDenied; Request ID: d880bdd7-fe3f-11e7-8a8c-7dcffeae19ae)

I have a role in the production account that has a trust relationship back to the dev account that has the pipeline. I gave the pipeline role and the production role administrator policies just to make sure it was not a policy issue. I edited the pipeline using the technique in this walkthrough. I am following the walkthrough loosely since they are setting their scenario up just slightly different from what I am doing.

The deploy section in my pipeline looks like:

   "name": "my-stack",
   "actionTypeId": {
       "category": "Deploy",
       "owner": "AWS",
       "provider": "CloudFormation",
       "version": "1"
   "runOrder": 2,
   "configuration": {
       "ActionMode": "CHANGE_SET_REPLACE",
           "Capabilities": "CAPABILITY_IAM",
       "ChangeSetName": "ProductionChangeSet",
       "RoleArn": "arn:aws:iam::000000000000:role/role-to-assume",
       "StackName": "MyProductionStack",
       "TemplatePath": "BuildArtifact::NewSamTemplate.yaml"
   "outputArtifacts": [],
   "inputArtifacts": [
           "name": "BuildArtifact"

I am able to assume into the role in the production account using the console. I am not sure how passrole is different but from everything I have read it requires the same assume role trust relationship.

How can I configure IAM for cross account pipelines?



answered 1 month ago TimB #1

I think the issue is that your CloudFormation role is in the other account but your action role is not. Only the pipeline role is allowed to assume an action role in a different account.

The action role is the one located directly under the ActionDeclaration.

Basically your roles should be configured as follows:

  • Pipeline role: Account A
  • Action role: Account B
  • CloudFormation role: Account B

There's some information on setting up cross-account actions here:

Here's where the action role is defined:

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