Camel Spring Boot Actuator Not Working with cxfrs route

ImranRazaKhan Source

I have developed simple cxfrs based route using springboot+camel, but when i added spring-boot-starter-actuator and running this as @SpringBootApplication:

The Spring Actuator endpoints like /health not working and return http 404.

My Route:


# all access to actuator endpoints without security = false
# turn on actuator health check = true

Update: if i add spring-boot-starter-web it shows status on http://localhost:8080/health or http://localhost:8080/camel/health. From logs it shows startup of two different servers jetty and tomcat. Can we configure in such a way that either SpringBoot use "cxf-rt-transports-http-jetty" or Camel cxfrs use SpringBoot Jetty "spring-boot-starter-jetty".

if we provide management.port=8181 in properties it throws port already in used.



answered 9 months ago Zaheer #1

You can add springboot jetty by adding following in pom.xml, you have to exclude default tomcat



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