Using external ontology and loading it into a database

Sidd Source

I would like to use external ontologies,, and into my ontologies. As far as I understand, if I use "import" to access these ontologies, I can obtain the ontologies and corresponding ontologies. But If I use by adding the following prefixes and use their classes into my ontology, i I dont know the level of accessibility and how these external ontologies get loaded into databases:

@prefix time: <> .
@prefix location: <> .
@prefix geo: <> .

I will pose a few questions to be more specific and understand the workflow.

  1. Do I need to have Internet connection to access these external ontologies? maybe the most common ontologies/frameworks such as rdfs, rdf, owl are prepopulated in existing databases/software (e.g., Graphdb, Jena)? If so, what about the uncommon ontologies? Do the uncommon ontologies have to be manually populated or its just a different namespace?
  2. Assuming the Internet connection, am I still able to infer things using the properties defined in the external ontologies? For example, If I create an instance nodea location:location nodeb ., will it infer that nodeb is a dc:location? What type of features get lost or things (reasoning due to chain properties, relationships, subclasses, domain/range) I can not access or not applicable?


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