Firebase Phone Authentication on device with no SIM card

William Source

I am trying to do phone authentication on a device that has no SIM Card, with the phone number inputted is active in another device. The result I get from this test in Android is that I get unknown error ( the error message is "unknown" ).

More interestingly, the result vary from device to device. I tested 4 devices, 2 of them successfully "requested" code using phone number in another device and the SMS is sent successfully ( and the code in the SMS works ), while another 2 showing the error above.

The devices that are successful:

  • Xiaomi A1 - Android Oreo
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Android Kitkat

The devices that show the error:

  • Xiaomi Redmi 5s - Android Oreo
  • Oneplus 3 - Android Oreo

Expected result:

All devices should be able to request the code through SMS, although it doesn't have SIM card.



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