Named Entity Annotation read 'in-context' as RDF?

Josef M. Schomburg Source

I'm rather new to RDF, and have the basics nailed down, but I have a question about possible data sources (in addition to ontologies): is it possible to 'read' an (appropriately) Named Entity tag as an RDF subject-predicate-object(which would be the tagged text itself)... in its original context, that is to say, in its original text document?

I would not only like a query to pull a text excerpt as data itself (only linked to the original document), but allow an interface/query to include also the context in which it appeared (or: the text around it).



answered 6 months ago Josef M. Schomburg #1

The answer is: RDFa. The ontology-source-abbreviation is declared as an 'xmlins' in the <body> tag of an <html> page, and the tags containing the text (<span>, <p>, etc.) annotated accordingly...

I was overthinking the problem while the solution was right in front of me.

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