Unable to run OTRS daemon, OTRS6 on Cent OS 7

LomidzeAlex Source

I am facing issue while trying to start ORTS daemon on CentOS linux


OTRS-otrs.Daemon.pl - Daemon Kernel::System::Daemon::DaemonModules::SystemConfigurationSyncManager-07


Access denied for user 'otrs'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

When I am trying get the status using command:

./opt/otrs/bin/otrs.Daemon.pl status

getting this message:

Manage the OTRS daemon process.

Daemon running

But when I go to the web page it says that OTRS Daemon is not running. Any help is appreciated!?



answered 6 months ago Guido Flohr #1

The error comes from the mysql daemon and has nothing to do with Perl. Try this on the command-line on the server running otrs:

mysql --user=otrs --host=localhost --password=XXXXXXX

That will probably fail with the same error. Once you have fixed your mysql configuration so that the command succeeds, otrs should also start.

Omit the option --password and let mysql prompt you for the password, if you are not alone on the machine.

Another reason for the failure could, of course, be that you have misconfigured otrs, and you have to change the mysql user, host, or password.

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