How to know webjars paths in Spring Boot. How to get paths of all available files in webjars

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Many questions on SO refer to invalid paths for various resorces located in Spring-Boot webjars. Currently I have a problem with tether but I do not want to put another one specifically about tether's webjar files/paths, so want to ask:

  • Is there any easy way of seeing all contents available through @{/webjars /NAME}?
  • What is the easiest to debug invalid 404 webjar path in Spring Boot?
  • How can I see mappings of all that a webjar contains?


PS: jquery, bootstrap work fine for me. My tether webjar does not.

<script th:src="@{/webjars/tether/1.4.3/js/tether.min.js}" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>


answered 6 months ago Witold Kaczurba #1

Silly me.

Look PROPERLY :D into the jar file,

Or even easier - look it up on the webpage.
If you click link under "files" you will be able to see all jar contents, e.g:

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