SendGrid API for Android using Java

Upon deep research, I was unable to integrate and send emails from SendGrid in the Android Application. SendGrid has Java API for sending emails but adding the dependency in Android Studio throws errors when a build is made. Also, there was a library by Dany Santiyago in GitHub but sadly it doesn't work too. It throws an error saying

More than one file was found with OS independent path 'META-INF/LICENSE'

I followed the guidelines in the question in Stack Overflow but again a new error came saying unable to merge dex. Please suggest a way to integrate SendGrid to the Android Application.



answered 8 months ago Praveen Thirumurugan #1

There is no perfect workaround as SendGrid doesn't have an Android API or SDK.

answered 5 months ago Aman B. #2

I found this on github :

The code is not production ready but I am using this in my Android app and it works fine. Leaving this here, for anyone for future reference.

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