Hellosign multiple signers emails not received

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I'm working on a Hello sign project where I am sending data to a template and sending it to multiple clients at the same time. But when I add multiple signers the mails are not received from the emails I add there. I tried with 2 signers.

This is how I added it in the code. Email received with a single singer, but not with two.

$request->setSigner('Client', '[email protected]', 'AA');
$request->setSigner('Client', '[email protected]', 'BBB');

What could be the issue in this?



answered 8 months ago Alex #1

Each signer role can only have one signer assigned to it, so you'll need to update the template itself to differentiate the two signer roles for 'Client'.

Something like 'Client1' and 'Client2' would do the trick.

Then once the template's updated, pass in

$request->setSigner('Client1', '[email protected]', 'AA');
$request->setSigner('Client2', '[email protected]', 'BB');

This assumes that your document has two 'Clients' signing it. If your document has one signer and is signed by one 'Client', and each 'Client' signs their own individual document, then you'll need to create individual signature requests for each signer.

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