Why is Angular component property undefined after http.get

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Why is "this.Trails" undefined in the constructor after http.get?

The http.get is succesfull, but "this.Trails" is undefined all the way. Still, in my page I am able to output the items. I don't understant this.

import { Component, Inject } from '@angular/core';
import { Http } from '@angular/http';

    selector: 'salvamont',
    templateUrl: './salvamont.component.html'
export class SalvamontComponent {
    public Trails: HikingTrail[];
    constructor(http: Http, @Inject('BASE_URL') baseUrl: string) {
        http.get(baseUrl + 'api/SampleData/HikingTrails')
          .subscribe(result => { 
            this.Trails = result.json();
          error => console.error(error));

        if (this.Trails != undefined) {
            console.log("has items");

class HikingTrail {
   //some members


answered 6 months ago elvis_ferns #1

Http.get() is an async call which will get processed on next tick (after it is resolved or rejected)

if (this.Trails != undefined) {
   console.log("has items");

The above code is executed before the subscription

this.Trails = result.json();

Thus undefiend

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