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So I'm new to Ionic and Angular and I had a question regarding internal links within the Ionic framework. So as a learning base I made the pre-made project ionic sidemenu and I'm trying to get an A tag on the home page to be linked (href) to open the list page. However, I cannot figure it out because I keep getting errors.

Something like:

<a button href="../list/list.html"></a>

But the href isn't working because I think you have to call /list/list as a package with typescript??

Does anyone know the solution?



answered 6 months ago Sampath #1

You're doing it wrong. Ionic has its own navigation system.So you need to use it to navigate one page to another or like so.


Please see the official doc for more info about navigation and NavController

answered 6 months ago jonwa #2

I figured it out! I know I'm answering my own question but just in case anyone else got stuck.

Make sure that the goToOtherPage() function is NOT in the constructor but only the export class in the typescript file.

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