How can I load a single subcomponent quickly during development?

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I'm working on an Angular 5 project where I need to build out a component that is buried deep in a ui. My workflow ends up being make a change, click 5 levels deep into the interface, view the change, Repeat. I need to shorten that loop to be more like make change, refresh, operate the component.

How would I create a separate 'sandbox' url entry point where I can just load the component I'm working on in isolation to troubleshoot its events/css in one click?

Other solutions appreciated. I'm potentially missing a common workflow here.



answered 6 months ago David F. #1

You simply need to create a special route for a test page, that simply display a "component-page" Then you write your target component into the component-page

       <the-component-you-want-to-test> </the-component-you-want-to-test>

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