Return to home page after user has confirmed booking with commandLink

CallumKent Source

Sorry if this question is very basic but I've just started my course and I have a really basic issue with the JFS navigation.


            <f:facet name ="header">
            <h:commandLink onclick ="if (! confirm('Do you want to book a lesson?'))     return false;"
                value="Book Your Lesson"


he purpose of this method is to promote the user with a popup once they click "Book your lesson" (So they can confirm their ticket and I can minus one ticket from SetAvaliable), which it does.

After, they click "ok" on the popup, I want it to redirect the user to another page (home page). I understand that: redirects the user to another page, but I'm having trouble using this knowledge to redirect the user to the home page after they've clicked "ok" on the popup.



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