Updating JSF component from embedding XHTML page

Rabin Source

I have an xhtml page called customer-search.xhtml (searches for a customerID) embedded within customer-order.xhtml using ui:include. Depending on the result obtained from search-box.xhtml I would like to update a specific JSF component on customer-order.xhtml.

Anyone know of a clean easy way to achieve this?


customer-search.xhtml has a backing bean called SearchMB that has an attribute called customerID that the page searches for using p:selectOneMenu.

I have used another backing bean called CustomerOrderMB for customer-order.xhtml that contains a component p:selectOneMenu that should dynamically list all the account associated with the customer that I can in turn select from so that the customer can be billed using the selected account number.

I have used SearchMB as a ManagedProperty within CustomerOrderMB so that I can access customerID.



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