Jenkins private SSH key - Windows OS

Abdul Muqeem Source

Problem Statement:

I am trying to add Private Gitorious repository to Jenkins Server for CI.

When I tried to give my Repository URL in Jenkins, i was thrown Error 128 saying that it could not find the repository. Then i came to know from a few blogs/stack overflow solutions that we need SSH key set up.

Now, When i checked how to set up SSH key b/w Jenkins and Gitorious , i found solution that we need to do sudo su jenkins and then need to create ssh key. And also, this statement You will need to create a public/private key as the Jenkins user on your Jenkins server is still in the roots of my brain.

My Question is 1. How can we set up Jenkins server on Windows. (All the solutions i've seen are using MAC and they have their terminal) 2. If yes, Can some one help me in understanding how can i login to server and create an SSH key so that i can move on.

I knew this may sound silly but this is storming my head like anything.


Here are a few solutions i visited Link1 Link2



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