Is there a way to use system icon for "remove" like the one in on iOS?

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In my UITableView I have a date-of-birth cell containing two views: the default textLabel on the left side of the cell, and on the right side of the cell a UILabel which gets its value from a UIDatePicker. I'd like to display the "remove" icon just left of the UILabel (which means somewhere in the middle of the cell). Pressing that would set the UILabel's value to "Don't know".

I'm getting the sense one cannot just "invoke" this red system icon as one pleases.

I've seen a nifty red "remove" icon in various Apple apps -- i.e., -- and it seems like a perfect system icon for me to use. Alas, it is not listed in the HIG, and I've no idea how I could go about using it. And if possible, I'd rather not have to make my own PNG/SVG

Screenshot of the with the red "remove" icon visible : Screenshot of the with the red "remove" icon visible

Can anyone help?



answered 6 months ago Harcker #1

Just run this piece of code when a button is pressed, but it'll place it at the far left.

        self.tableView.isEditing = true

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