What is the official name of the number in a Gerrit review url

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I have been using Git/Gerrit for about 9 months and I still don't know the answer to this question. (c.f. Gerrit Documentation )

In Gerrit, when a change is pushed for review, there will be an URL about the change with an embedded number. For example:


What is the official name of this number? (68 in the above example). This number is an important concept when discussing the Gerrit workflow.

On the Gerrit UI, this number may also shown on the upper left-hand conner. Something like:

Change 68 - Merged

The number is a small integer that seems to increase monotonically when pushes are submitted to the Gerrit server.

This number should NOT be confused with "Change-Id" because the latter is a long hash (prefixed by the letter I) used to identify multiple related pushes (created with one commit followed by one or more commit --amend) into one "Change" (which can have one or more "Patch-Set") . E.g:

Change-Id: Ic8aaa0728a43936cd4c6e1ed590e01ba8f0fbf5b


answered 6 months ago Marcelo Ávila de Oliveira #1

This is the "change number" which is sometimes referenced in the documentation as "legacy ID number", "legacy numerical id" or "legacy numeric change ID".

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