git log - where does the description field belong when creating a new commit message/description

We are using Bitbucket at work, here is the UI for creating a new commit message/description when doing a merge via pull request:

enter image description here

as you can see in the screenshot, the question is: where does the data from the description text box go?

In other words, I am using this command to capture select data from the git log:

git log -30 --pretty=format:'{"commit":"%H","sanitized_subject_line":"%f","commit_notes":"%N","author":"%aN","date":"%aD"}'

Is there a way to capture the data from the description textbox in the UI? What is that textbox for?



answered 6 months ago Jamie Bisotti #1

I believe this Title and Description, is specific to the Pull Request itself. It has nothing to do with a commit so it won't appear in the git log.

answered 6 months ago Alexander Mills #2

Looks like you add to the commit message after you click the merge button on the Bitbucket UI:

enter image description here

This should be the place in the UI where you can craft a specific git message that matches some pattern so that you can search for that pattern later with git log etc.

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