Jar for com.ibm.eNetwork.ECL

Jay Satwani Source

I am automating PComm session with Java and found a sample script importing below classes:

import com.ibm.eNetwork.ECL.ECLConnMgr;
import com.ibm.eNetwork.ECL.ECLConnection;
import com.ibm.eNetwork.ECL.ECLErr;
import com.ibm.eNetwork.ECL.ECLField;
import com.ibm.eNetwork.ECL.ECLFieldList;
import com.ibm.eNetwork.ECL.ECLPS;
import com.ibm.eNetwork.ECL.ECLSession;
import org.ohio.iOhioScreen;

I am not able to find the jars needed for above classes. Can someone help me in locating the required jars?



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