How to perform OTP verification everytime the app is launched?

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I have created an app using Android Studio and connected it with Firebase. I am also using Notification service of Firebase, in that I have coded for sending an OTP and then if it is verified, the user is signed in and next activity starts. But the issue is if I have the app installed on my phone and I verify it once by my mobno. and then sign out, the next time I start the app it doesn't ask for OTP verification again and automatically verifies me and signs me in. I want the app to verify(by OTP) the user every time he starts the app. I have followed the code provided at:



answered 6 months ago SAURABH KAWLI #1

OTP only generates ones when you have installed the app and logged into your account after that it knows that its a verified device but i'll suggest just try uninstalling and then try installing it if it asks for it again.

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