Icons (fontawesome, material icons) with blinking !/? issue


I never had this kind of problem - and I don't know why..

some icons are missing and appearing blinking with "?/!"

what is happening?

Its a submit button. I have the same icon in another button - and it's ok there.

<button type="submit" id="submit" class="btn btn-inv btn-lg" style="--h: #822584" onclick="javascript:document.getElementById('classid').value='WAI-04'"><i class="fa fa-thumbs-o-up"></i> SIGN!</button> 

any idea?




answered 6 months ago JakAttk123 #1

If you are using the newest version of Font-Awesome, fa is no longer a valid class. It has been replaced with fas (solid), and fab (brands). For a thumbs up, you would use:

<i class="fas fa-thumbs-up"></i>

Here is the documentation if you want to learn more.

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