Clear the same interval multiple times

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I have a problem with this clearInterval method. Let me explain.

I have three javascript tabs, LOW | MEDIUM | HIGH.

When I go into the index page, the LOW tab is default open. And interval AjaxLow starts. Like this:

function ajaxCall() {
        url: "ajax.php", 
        success: (function (result) {
             var res = $.parseJSON(result);
             var str1 = "<center><img src='";
            var str3 = " ' height='60' width='70'/></br>";
            var mes = [];
            var div = [];
            var totalLowPot = 0;
            for (kil = 0; kil < res[0].length; kil++) {
            mes[kil] = str1.concat(res[0][kil], str3)+res[1][kil]+"$</center>";
             totalLowPot = totalLowPot + parseFloat(res[1][kil]);
             document.getElementById("totalLowPot").innerHTML = totalLowPot.toFixed(2);
var ajaxLow = setInterval(ajaxCall, (1 * 250)); // x * 1000 to get it in seconds

But when I click on another tab, e.g MEDIUM. The ajaxLow interval should stop. And it does since I am calling this function.

function clearLow() {


<button class=tablink onclick="openCity('low',this,'#f1f1f1');" id=defaultOpen>LOW</button>
<button class=tablink onclick="openCity('medium',this,'#f1f1f1'); clearLow();">MEDIUM</button>
<button class=tablink onclick="openCity('high',this,'#f1f1f1')">HIGH</button>

But when I click back into the LOW tab, the interval didn't start again. So I tried calling the ajaxLow; again when you press on the LOW tab.

This is how I tried calling ajaxLow again:

<button class=tablink onclick="openCity('low',this,'#f1f1f1'); ajaxLow;" id=defaultOpen>LOW</button>

This is where the real problem appears, it refuses to clear the ajaxLow function again and it just keeps on running. Do you have any suggestions for me?



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