Unable to transition a D3v4 Stacked Bar Chart on data refresh

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I currently have a stacked bar chart created in D3V4 based on this example here

The chart is an Ember component and works well but I am unable to add a transition affect when the data changes. Currently, when the data changes the graph redraws correctly but I have been unable to get a smooth transition between the two states.

When adding a transition() item anywhere in the chart construction it either stops rendering completely or stops redrawing the chart.

The charts is produced by three functions inside my componentjs:


   didInsertElement() {
        this.set('didRenderChart', true);


  didUpdateAttrs() {
    let svg = select(this.$('svg')[0])

and buildChart (only construction code reproduced, tooltips and legends parsed out)

buildChart() {
    let data = this.get('data')

let series = stack()
      .keys(["count1", "count2", "count3"])

   let svg = select(this.$('svg')[0]),
      margin = {
        top: 20,
        right: 30,
        bottom: 30,
        left: 60
      width = this.get("width"),
      height = this.get("height");

    let x = scaleBand()
      .domain(data.map(function(d) {
        return d.label;
      .rangeRound([margin.left, width - margin.right])

    let y = scaleLinear()
      .domain([min(series, stackMin), max(series, stackMax)])
      .rangeRound([height - margin.bottom, margin.top]);

    let z = scaleOrdinal().range(COLORS[this.get('color')]);

      // .merge(svg)
      .attr("fill", function(d) {
        return z(d.key);
      .data(function(d) {
        return d;
      .attr("width", x.bandwidth)
      .attr("x", function(d) {
        return x(d.data.label);

      .attr("y", function(d) {
        return y(d[1]);

      .attr("height", function(d) {
        return y(d[0]) - y(d[1]);

      .attr("transform", "translate(0," + y(0) + ")")
      .attr("class", "axisWhite")

      .attr("transform", "translate(" + margin.left + ",0)")
      .attr("class", "axisWhite")

    function stackMin(h) {
      return min(h, function(d) {
        return d[0];

    function stackMax(h) {
      return max(h, function(d) {
        return d[1];

I assume the inability to transition is because the chart is not being created correctly in the first place (something to do with everything being appended to 'g') but I have been unable to work out what changes I need to make to correct this.

Note that the D3v4 functions are being imported into the component from an ember add on so do not need the d3.namespace. Unfortunately I have been unable to recreate it in JSFiddle or Ember Twiddle



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