How can I add sublime-like key mappings to eclipse?

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It's been a pain to type code in eclipse, sublime text makes everything much more easy. I can't seem to find anything. I can only find "How to add eclipse-like key bindings for sublime". I doesn't seem possible can anyone help?



answered 7 months ago marianosimone #1

Eclipse doesn't provide all the same features as sublimetext, so you might not be able to map everything you want. There are, however, a couple of things you might try:

  • eclipse-multicursor: A (somehow) abandoned plugin. From the project:

    implemented under the covers by using Eclipse linked mode editing (similar to existing "rename in file" functionality), so you can't move the cursors outside the initial selection areas, and all multiple-cursor-edited-text must be the same string.

  • alt + shift/cmd + A to Toggle block selection
  • Create a key-binding configuration, according to the docs, setting o whatever you are used to.

answered 7 months ago groobie newbie #2

Due to rep requirements, I can't comment yet.

Marianosimone's answer are probably the only thing you can referenced given that Eclipse is primarily build as an IDE and is different from sublimetext which is a editor. So aside from plugins, their(eclipse) documentation is the only thing you'll find that have bigger chances of not introducing unwanted behavior in Eclipse.

However, if you still want to pursue of having an IDE with the mappings you want, you can try IntelliJ IDEA instead, they have community edition. It is more advanced than Eclipse and can let you use IdeaVim - which then offers you a lot of vim-like keybindings which can be changed to your likings.

answered 7 months ago impossible #3

Use IntelliJ IDEA IDE instead. I have been using this IDE for over 2 years, before that around 4 years on Eclipse.

You can change your key-map to various options already exist there. Even you can multi-mix various keytabs to make your own, say mixture of Eclipse and sublime.

Here is the full guide for migrating: Eclipse to Intellij

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