How to update pip version installed by pyenv

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I'm using Python 3.6.5 with pyenv. pip 10 came out a while ago but pyenv is creating my new virtual environments with pip 9.0.3 and i have to update each one of them manually. It's annoying.

I tried to update pyenv and re-installing Python version (i was hoping it will come with newer pip version but it didn't.) but no success.

Should i wait for an update on pyenv side or am i missing something?



answered 5 months ago TwistedSim #1

You just need to upgrade the pip package with pip install --upgrade pip.

EDIT: This was already answer here.

EDIT2: You can update pip on your python distribution directly if you can and use the virtualenv's flag ‘ --system-site-packages‘ to depend on the system package you have installed previously.

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