XL-deploy specification - what does this security spec do?

tjm1706 Source

Using Maven, XL-deploy and Deployit, I want to focus extra on security on the intranet.

In examples I see the following maven, xl-deploy scripts. I have marked it with **** start ... till ... **** end.

What does it accomplish? Security for intranet and/or internet? I have been scanning the documentation for a while.

           ************ start 
           ************ end 

Do you also have a document reference?



answered 4 months ago Dave Roberts #1

The XML code here instructs Maven to build a Deployment Archive for XL Deploy. The marked code is one element of the package, a deployable object of type AD.AddRol, to be deployed, I presume, to an AD server to create a role named AD-role-1, or perhaps roles named role1 and role2. This appears to be a custom extension to the XL Deploy product, so the deployment details must be inferred. See https://docs.xebialabs.com/xldeploy-maven-plugin/6.0.x/ for the plugin documentation. See https://docs.xebialabs.com/xl-deploy/ for general information about XL Deploy's model-based deployment type system.

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