Drools doesn't return any result to my c# desktop application

I am using kie .Net Adaptor but I don't get the result for my rules in my c# desktop application.

I created a class called Bilan which contains 4 attributes (organe, maladie, localisation, medicament).

In my WinForm I have a button to get the name of the medicament.

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When I hit Start, the button's action sends the attributes (organe, maladie, localisation) to the drools engine which is supposed to return the medicaments name.

The c# application and the drools engine are connected because I get a resultstatus=200 but the responsebody is null.

Here's my button's code :

public partial class Form1 : Form
    public Form1()

    private async void Start_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

        Bilan b = new Bilan { maladie = maladieText.Text, localisation = localisationText.Text, organe = organeText.Text, medicament = null };

        KieExecuter k = new KieExecuter
            HostUrl = "http://localhost:8080/",
            AuthUserName = "kie-server",
            AuthPassword = "kie1234",
            LookUp = "defaultKieSession"

        k.Insert(b, "pharmacie.projetpfe.Bilan");


        //var result = await k.ExecuteAsync<Bilan>("ContainerTest");

        //var bodyResponse = result.ResponseBody;
        //MessageBox.Show("" + result.FriendlyResponse);

        var response = await k.ExecuteAsync<Bilan>("ContainerTest");

        medicament.Text = response.SmartSingleResponse.ToString();
        //medicament.Text = b.organe;



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